Whenever I begin a shoot I always ask the children if I may take their picture.  What I want to say is all that I feel. I want to pour my heart out and ask, “May I capture all that is you?May I freeze every fleeting moment of your littleness? May I forever long seize this time with you and your beautiful young mother and father? Can I get all your giggles, cries, spins, hops, tumbles and falls? Can I just take an hour to grab all this and fill my camera with your beauty?” I take a tremendous pride in photographing families. I. Love. Family. I feel it is the greatest honor to capture what I feel is the best moments of a humans life.

Here is a look at a night I had with The young Spoelstra Family._MG_0022fb

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Pictures tell your story, they freeze your purest moments.  One day when all have grown, after faces change, voices deepen, and children go on their way, we can open that shoe-box of photographs and feel the nostalgia of all that is actual to us now.  Is your family full of little pitterpatters?  Is it new and quiet?  Or is your nest about to be empty?  All are such beautiful times, and as you know it goes by so fast, so let’s capture life this season before another is upon us.
Email me directly if you are interested and I hope to have the honor to capture you and yours soon.

Happy (almost) Holidays!
Darcy Rodriguez                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  d@artyardphoto.com

Session Dates:
Laguna Beach 10/4 + 10/5
Hope Valley 10/19
Lake Tahoe 11/22 + 11/23

What’s Included:

25 minute mini-session,
10 fully edited images for viewing
in a private online gallery,
15% off prints & products,
Your images uploaded to Minted’s private
photo bank for simple holiday card design,
as well as 15% off at minted.com

Digital images are not included.   All sessions must be paid in full before shoot date.  $200 print commitment.


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August in Lake Tahoe always lends to dramatic days and nights with lightning, thunder and hail.   The skies part and warmth shines down making you swear you’re in Kauai.  Right now, a few hours from home is a bad fire in Yosemite.  Lord I pray, let them be safe.  My husband and I couldn’t help but to round the kids up, brush their hair and dress those babies up for some late summer snapshots.  Our little Gigi was too cold to get out of the car (It was like 75 degrees) so we ended up with pictures of our Cruzie.  Here are a few from last night.

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Here I am, Monday at noon still loving every minute of editing these sun drenched images from the Noyes family that were due last Tuesday!  When I have photographs that require extra time with digital processing I take the time to paint every ray of sunshine and lighten every eye and paint every face with creamy skin until I feel like they are perfect.  Perfect to the moment that was experienced while shooting them.  When I see these pictures, I can feel the sun on my back, smell the old wood dock and hear the water lapping onto the sand.

I also take the extra time to stop and answer my daughters everlasting questions such as the one she just asked, “What are acorns Mommy, and where do the Chipmunks live?”  Or my 12 month year old son pawing at my legs most of the time I work.  Half of my work is done late at night, and the other with a child on my lap or constantly asking for me to cook for them.  Working from home as a photographer is what I love to do because of the passion I have for families.  My family and the one I am working on today.

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